Whisky & The Bean (Authors)

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Got into coffee because of Simon, the aeropress, and high quality coffee beans. Experiencing new whisky and coffee since 2012. Will be writing about whisky, different coffee beans and coffee shops from all around. Working in IT (currently infosec), love knowledge management and passionate about service quality & employee happiness.

Likes smooth and fruity coffee, black. Prefers smooth, gentle and fruity whisky as well, but also ones with great but subtle character. Not a huge fan of very smoky and peaty individuals. Called a “sophisticated whisky drinker” by a World of Whiskies employee.

  • Current favourite coffee: Ethiopia Guji by Kaffa Roastery, whisky coffee by Ovenbird Roastery
  • Current favourite tea: Powdered matcha
  • Current favourite whiskies: Glenmorangie Nectar D’or, Tomintoul 16yo

Coffee gear: Everything under the sun, frmo Aeropress, Clever dripper, Hario syphon and Wilfa Svart grinder to simply eyes & hands



Simon is a software engineer who has had the good fortune of being able to tour the world of whiskies and coffees, known by name at The Brandy Library in Tribeca, NYC and called a coffee junkie by local espresso bars in London. He is always on the lookout for new whiskies and coffees to try.

  • Current favourite coffee: Ethiopia Konga Yirgacheffe, from Small Batch Coffee
  • Current favourite whisky/whiskies: The Dalmore Castle Leod

Coffee gear: Vibiemme Domobar Junior HX and Mahlkönig Vario


2 thoughts on “Whisky & The Bean (Authors)

    1. Hello there! For me, the “traditional” Finnish coffee has been one brewed buying pre-ground vacuum packed coffee and brewing it in a filter machine. Most often this coffee is very light roast, low quality and not very fresh. More and more Finns are paying more attention to their coffee nowadays thanks to the increased amount of small roasteries around the country, and are using freshly roasted and ground beans in various brewing methods. But “dump coffee, push button, drink” is still very popular.

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