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The beautiful blend of coffee and whisky – Ovenbird Whisky Coffee

“Whisky AND coffee? What are you, nuts?” – No, it’s not nuts, it’s coffee (I’ll get mi coat) aged in whisky casks, and it can be a truly wonderful experience. We briefly explore Ovenbird’s whisky coffee in this post. Find our previous Ovenbird review here.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of the Auchentoshan 12 week whisky coffee from Ovenbird for free. They didn’t ask for a review, but I am writing one.

A few years have passed since I tried my first coffee matured in a whisky cask when we lived in the UK. It was from Roundsquare Roastery, made in collaboration with Arran distillery. The beans had also been carefully smoked to create a truly unique taste experience, one so strong that it would actually stick to our espresso machine for a while and you could taste the smoke in plenty of shots pulled after the actual whisky coffee itself. It was strong, super strong.

We’ve also discussed whisky coffee briefly with a fellow from Kaffa Roastery, who also released a limited special whisky coffee in collaboration with the Finnish Kyrö Distillery, discussing about how important it was to carefully monitor the time and amount of coffee matured in a small cask, how quickly the flavours are absorbed from the cask and other challenges in creating the best combination of flavours for a balanced coffee. Unfortunately we have not been able to try their whisky coffee!

Ovenbird has released a wide range of Whisky Coffees, which can be found from their dedicated Whisky Coffee Collection page. We tried out their Auchentoshan 12 week matured coffee.

Ovenbird Whisky Barrel Coffee – Auchentoshan Distillery 12 weeks aged

It’s described as such:

  • NOTES: Toffee/Oak/Cocunut/Stewed Fruit
  • AFTERTASTE NOTES: Mellow Malty Backbone/Oak/Vanilla/Booze
  • VARIATION: Some Oat Milk Enhances Vanilla/Bounty Bars/Grapefruit/Golden Barley

We tried it in both Chemex and v60, and the flavours are really well balanced. No single flavour overpowers the other, andthe whisky and coffee align in a perfect balance. This was the reaction (again) as we stood there by our dear cups of joe:


Oak, vanilla, caramel, toffee are strong flavours in this one, the smooth body accompanying the flavours. At £15 per 350g these bring you the value of a special coffee that feels like a small luxury, and not a huge hole in your wallet. Add a hint of milk, cow or oat, and you will reveal another level of joy.

Who should buy this coffee? Those looking for a well balanced, unique taste experience. Whisky lovers, of course. Coffee lovers, because these beans are truly a well crafted experience. Kudos to Dave from Ovenbird – It’s beautiful coffee you make up there in Scotland.

2 thoughts on “The beautiful blend of coffee and whisky – Ovenbird Whisky Coffee

  1. I have read about whisky-infused (is that the right term here?) coffee beans before, but never tried them. As Auchentoshan and Laphroaig are two of my favorite distilleries (visited ’em both in April), I guess I have to order from Ovenbird soon. Fingers crossed, P&P to Germany is not too much… ;)

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