Helsinki Coffee Festival 2017 – Highs & Lows

Tl;dr: After my second time at the Helsinki Coffee Festival I would recommend it to anyone. Take time to look at the programme in advance, so you won’t miss the bits that interest you the most.


  • New roasteries (e.g. Lehmus Roastery, Holmen Coffee, KeaKoffee)
  • Lots of space!
  • Great program, Barista cup and Brewer’s cup
  • Great presentation, demos, “pull your own shot” spots
  • Amazing people, lots of free coffee, definite buzz.
  • Coffee highlights from outside of Finland, e.g. Turkish and Indonesian coffees
  • Tea and artisan chocolate companies also represented,


  • Less coffee related artisan stalls (e.g. no coffee cushion salesperson this year)
  • Less crowded, also on the standholder’s side – Were there this few last year?
  • Missing some roasteries (e.g. Papu, Turun Kahvipaahtimo, Rovaniemen Kahvipaahtimo)
  • Stage with barista & brewer’s cup didn’t have a screen, so we couldn’t see a detailed view of what was going on!
  • Personal low: Alpro’s new non-dairy coffee milk was too sweet and ruined my espresso.

How does it perform vs the London Coffee Festival?

++ It’s less crowded, has more free samples or brewed coffee, laid-back program and not ear-deafening music, easy to talk and sit down, more space for brewing demos

Barista cup had no big screen, there were less stands, barely any food to snack on, no big roasting stage, no free goodie bag (tote bag was 10€)

Check out the official Helsinki Coffee Festival and London Coffee Festival, and join next year!

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