Coffee by ROST & Co., the Lauttasaari roastery

Local coffee roasteries are more and more common in Finland, with coffee enthusiast popping up their shops all around the country. Many of the Finnish roasteries are located in or near Helsinki, and ROST & Co. is one of them.

We walk by a speciality coffee store Kaffecentralen very often, and the ROST & Co. coffees have intrigued us for a long time. Finally we decided to give them a go, and we bought their “Krafti” espresso and “Piriste” filter blends.

ROST & Co, espresso and filter blends
ROST & Co, espresso and filter blends

The espresso blend promises a tough, full bodied espresso with a mix of robusta and arabica beans. The filter blend is described as an opposite, gentle and sweet full arabica blend. Sounds like a night and day comparison for these two roasts.

ROST & Co. “Krafti” espresso

  • 60% India Robusta Kaapi Royale (Washed, 762 – 915 m)
  • 40% Guatemala Acatenango (Washed, 1400 m)

Very strong, dark and full bodied espresso. I am often dubious of robusta blends, but always open to give it a chance and try it out. The Krafti espresso has that strong, punchy robusta kick, but the Guatemalan arabica beans have been used to smoothen the initial kick out, giving this espresso a full range of flavour experience without being too harsh.

ROST & Co. “Piriste” filter

  • 40% Brazil Daterra Petit Soleil (Natural, 1300 m)
  • 40% Colombia Cundinamarca (Washed, 1300-1800 m)
  • 20% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Washed, 1200-1400 m)

The filter blend is on the other end of the flavour scale when compared to the Krafti blend. Mid-light roast, full arabica blend. Definitely the more interesting blend for me of the two. Makes a refreshing chemex and v60 filter coffee, that is smooth and aromatic. More interesting than their espresso blend.

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