Are you in the mood for Mood Coffee Roastery?

Mood Coffee Roastery at Tarkk’ampujankatu 4, Helsinki, is a clinically clean coffee shop with artisan grade coffee. But are you in the mood for Mood?  They have excellent roasts, but the cold atmosphere (and the two not-so-cheerful baristas) let me down a bit. Definitely worth a quick stop, but not one to make yourself too comfortable in.

You walk past the coffee shop in the beautiful area of Punavuori and Ullanlinna, because at first you see no signs of there being a coffee shop. You walk back along the same road where the coffee shop is supposed to be, realising that there was actually a dark grey Mood logo in the window. You walk in, and it’s quiet.

Maybe it’s the Saturday morning effect, or maybe the shop is supposed to be quiet, clinical, tranquil.


Latte at Mood Coffee Roastery
Latte at Mood Coffee Roastery (by Opri V.)

“How are you feeling today?”, the barista asks you as you walk up to order your drink. After an inital confusion we let them know that we have been following the Helsinki Coffee Guide trail to find the best coffee in town, and the barista’s eyes brighten up for a moment, working on our orders immediately and asking for us to sit down and pay when we leave.

As we sit down we have a few moments to look around and really take in the atmosphere in the shop. Most people, still only a few, come and go quickly, leaving us to be the only few that actually sit down to enjoy our double espresso and latte as the spring sunshine warmed up the streets of Helsinki.

It’s clinical. Grey, white and clear shapes dominate the small shop. Natural rock and grey fabrics surround us as we sit down and look around the shop. It feels cold, Nordic, Arctic. The two baristas inside felt like they are afraid of bright lights and loud noises, like they weren’t in the mood for Mood after a Friday night out?

It is no doubt that the coffee is excellent. The double espresso was perfect, both in body and flavour, and my friend’s latte seemed to be well crafted as well. The barista, having lived and worked in London before, was happy to tell us about their coffee. I ended up taking home their Colombian beans in a lighter filter roast, which cost me 12€ for 250g. Other roasts were between 10-12€.

But I wasn’t sure. The coffee shop did not feel cosy, it didn’t feel as inviting as I hoped it to be. It feels like you walk in a design shop that serves coffee, not a coffee shop with a nice design.

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