Maja Coffee Roastery – Hidden gem of Lehtisaari

When you enter an abandoned looking shopping center, you don’t expect to find one of the greatest hidden gems in the Helsinki coffee catalogue. Maja Coffee Roastery in Lehtisaari is one of those that you should definitely dust off your bike for and cycle in for a taste!

The cosy shop has a simple menu of coffee, cafe au lait and a selection of black, green and herb tea. The hand crafted coffee is made in a small corner shop with barely room for 10 people at a time, which could get a tad too comfortable for most Finns.

Don’t worry – They also make coffee to take away if you don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy for a longer time.

And it is some of the best coffee I have ever had in my life. From the London independent coffee shops to home brewed coffee, the overall experience at Maja coffee makes your cup taste even better than what I had ever imagined.

The coffee served at Maja is roasted locally in their store, and their roasting machine is clearly visible as you step in. With a light and dark roast variety, the quality and care that goes into their coffee is clearly shown in how they prepare the coffee right in front of your eyes. Carefully measuring, grinding, brewing with the pour over and serving the coffee is all included in this delicate service.

The smooth ambiance, enhanced by a light jazzy soundtrack makes you feel in place with the barista preparing your drink. Your mind calms down, and you let the experience seep in as your cup is carefully brewed for you.

It’s so good you take a bag of it home (one 225-250g bag is around 10-13€), you spend some time perfecting your own pour over brewing skills and hope that one day you could make the cup taste as good as the people at Maja Coffee Roastery did.

Definitely worth going back to, especially as the summer sun comes out and you can enjoy a cup outside of this hidden gem in Lehtisaari.

“Maja Coffee Roastery is nano coffee roastery and small cafe at Lehtisaari, outskirts of Helsinki. Close to nature, laid back feel, high quality product.” Maja Coffee Roastery is open from Wednesday to Saturday. Please find their opening hours from their website before visiting.

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