Small Coffee Tour in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, one of the Nordic capitals and a definite hot spot in Finland is full of independent coffee shop and roasteries just waiting to surprise you with their exquisite coffees. We don’t have a big history with coffee shops in Helsinki, so during out short visit in September we wanted to try a few to see what the coffee scene was like up here!


Good Life Coffee

Avoid bad life, drink good coffee! This little coffee shop and roastery in the Kallio area of Helsinki is truly a cozy coffee shop with lots to offer. The shop is located on the Kolmas Linja, near the easily recognisable Kallio church just up the hill. The quality of their coffee is excellent, the filter coffee served from their own slogan mugs and espresso on par to any great quality coffee shops in London. The coffee shop itself is very cozy, like entering someone’s living room in the middle of the city. Good, tasty, quiet. Buy coffee home or drink it in, the option is yours.

Johan & Nyström

Raw cakes and well known selection of coffee and tea, that’s what J&N is all about in this central Helsinki location! The cafe is just in the south bank of the North Harbour, and you can sit outside or by the window to watch the boats go by. Serving filter coffee as well as double espressos and milk coffees, J&N had one major point that appealed to us: Delicious looking raw cakes. Lactose free and gluten free, the raw cakes sealed the deal for our short visit in this coffee shop. Excellent.

Kaffa Roastery

I have a special soft spot for Kaffa Roastery, as I used to buy their beans when I was still busy studying my Master’s in Finland. Their high quality single origin roasts and the well planned blends were my first real touch to the Finnish coffee scene, and at a very high standard. Their coffee shop is closely knit with the roastery, and it has an interesting but cozy industrial ambiance. Kaffa Roastery also sell coffee brewing equipment, and they are one of the few Finnish supplier of Domobar espresso machines. Excellent in-house espresso and a great overall ambiance.

What is your favourite coffee shop in Helsinki? Let us know in the comments or tweeting @WhiskyBeans!

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