Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve (travel retail edition)

Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve, yet another travel retail edition for review! If you are a fan of other Auchentoshan single malts, you will most likely be fond of this travel retail edition. The 14-year-old single malt Cooper’s Reserve promises and does not fail to deliver nuttiness and citrus.

“A limited release, Cooper’s Reserve has been maturing for 14 years in North American bourbon casks and Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. This single malt has wonderfully subtle notes of gooseberry and green tea.” –Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve

What I like about it is that it’s quite an easy dram. What I don’t like about it is that it’s quite an easy dram. It sounds tricky, I know, but somehow I would expect slightly more character from a special edition such as the Cooper’s Reserve, but on the other hand I am quite pleased with the balance of flavours and the gentle mouthfeel.

Auchentoshan Cooper's Reserve
Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve


If you want a dram that will rock your socks off, then it’s not this one. If you want a dram to share with a friend and gossip over, then here’s a winner. It’s the nuttiness of the Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve that is really embodied in the whole tasting experience. A nutty whiff on the nose, a good deal of almond on the first sip, and the nuttiness carries over all the way to your final last whispers. I like the word “nutty”.

I have to admit I couldn’t grasp the gooseberry nor the green tea, but the overall nuttiness of the dram leaves it in a very positive light in my books. For around £58, the 70cl/46% whisky does come at the medium-high end of travel retail whiskies.

Buy it as a gift or offer it to your guests, you surely can’t go wrong with the Auchentoshan Cooper’s Reserve as an everyday whisky.


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