Five gifts for Coffee Lovers

We all know that someone who seems to drink and breathe coffee, and just getting them a coffee gift card to their favourite coffee shop feels overused.

Here are some gift ideas for your special caffeine-infused buddy or someone yet to learn the wonders of coffee!

1. Coffee subscription

They may already have a coffee subscription, but more coffee is always better, right? Check out our favourite coffee subscriptions from Small Batch Coffee or Square Mile and surprise your coffee lover with amazing, freshly roasted coffee!

(Jayson Leow, "Green Coffee Beans - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe" CC BY 2.0)
(Jayson Leow, “Green Coffee Beans – Ethiopian Yirgacheffe” CC BY 2.0)

2. Coffee brewing kit

Make your own coffee kit or buy one, coffee brewing kits usually include a brewing method (aeropress, v60, chemex etc.), a grinder, possibly a scale and other bits and bobs required in coffee brewing. Check out this v60 gift box, this AeroPress starter kit or combine your own.

(John Tornow, "Morning Brew" CC BY 2.0)
(John Tornow, “Morning Brew” CC BY 2.0)

3. Coffee workshop gift card

Various coffee shops and organisations provide workshops and classes related to coffee. Why not buy your coffee lover a gift card for an espresso course at Ozone, a latte art workshop at Hot Numbers or an introduction to coffee with Extract Coffee Roasters? A Starbucks gift card just doesn’t cut it anymore.

(Wonderlane, "Coffee grading in California" CC BY 2.0)
(Wonderlane, “Coffee grading in California” CC BY 2.0)

4. Book about coffee

There have been many interesting coffee related publications recently, and anyone interested in the origins of coffee, the processing and its way to our everyday lives would surely love The Coffee Atlas or The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee.

(Beverley Goodwin, "A lazy Sunday morning" CC BY 2.0)
(Beverley Goodwin, “A lazy Sunday morning” CC BY 2.0)

5. Ask them to sit you down & let them serve you their best coffee

This might be in their home, in the office or at their favourite coffee shop. Often, the more specialised coffee lovers have to explain over and over again why they go through the effort to enjoy their single origin AeroPress every morning, even when pushing a button on a capsule coffee machine would buzz out caffeine within the minute.

Let them share their favourite brew with you and appreciate the effort that goes into producing wonderful coffee – From the cherry to the cup.

(Lotzman Katzman, "For the love of coffee" CC BY 2.0)
(Lotzman Katzman, “For the love of coffee” CC BY 2.0)

What would you give to your coffee loving buddy? Tell us in the comments or tweet to us at @WhiskyBeans.

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