The Weekly Finn #5: Panimo Hiisi (Microbrewery)

Welcome back to our weekly series about Finnish beverage breweries, distilleries and other organisations. This week’s Finn is a microbrewery from Jyväskylä, central Finland, with a mission to bring amazing craft ales to the Finnish nation – And they are doing it well.

Panimo Hiisi
Panimo Hiisi, “time of the giant”

“Hiisi” is Finnish and it can have a few meanings depending on the context.

Hiisi (plural hiidet) is a term in Baltic-Finnic folklore, originally denoting sacred localities and later on various types of mythological entity. In Christian-influenced later folklore, they are depicted as demonic or trickster-like entities, often the autochthonous, pagan inhabitants of the land, similar in this respect to mythological giants. They are found near salient promontories, ominous crevasses, large boulders, potholes, woods, hills, and other outstanding geographical features or rough terrain. – Wikipedia

The first time I remember hearing about Panimo Hiisi was when Palokka ale, for the Palokka region in Jyväskylä, was being brewed and it was these lads who then decided to start up the microbrewery in Jyväskylä and continue brewing the local beer. They have since then grown over the past few years to become a great microbrewery with a steady footing in Finland.

Their visual image distinguishes them from many other breweries and makes them unique in their presentation due to the contemporary rustic design.

Contemporary label design of Panimo Hiisi
Contemporary label design of Panimo Hiisi

And the brewing doesn’t stop at just beautiful contemporary label designs, but Panimo Hiisi has done a lot of collaborative ales with various companies and organisations. How about this Game Brewery beer supported by Samuli Syvähuoko (founder of Remedy Entertainment) for the Finnish gaming industry, or Internet & ATK for a software company, or the organic Boheemi collaborated with a local marketing and design company? All this collaborative effort seems to be very effective for Panimo Hiisi, as many in and around Jyväskylä have grown very fond of the ever changing selection of beers this microbrewery has to offer.

My biggest regret is that I left Jyväskylä some years ago after finishing my post-grad and was never able to sample the amazing ales that this microbrewery has produced afterwards. And when Palokka beer first came out, it was always out of stock!

Read more about Panimo Hiisi and their ales:

Don’t be put off by the Finnish links – We can always provide you with a translation if you are keen enough to learn more! Until next time – Brew on!

“The Weekly Finn” is a series of posts where we will present one Finnish beverage or organisation every week. The idea for the series was sparked by the new Finnish alcohol advertising legislation, which from 1.1.2015 on prohibits breweries and distilleries from using consumer created material, e.g. reviews and photography, in advertising and social media. We thought a helping hand would be in order, and thus we will bring different beverages and organisations to light in our blog.

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