The Weekly Finn #4: Stadin Panimo (Microbrewery)

We’re back at WhiskyBeans with another Finnish brewery. Last week’s trip to Brussels postponed this one with a week, our apologies for that. Enjoy!


Stadin Panimo (“Stadi Brewery”, Stadi is another term for Helsinki) is a microbrewery founded at the end of 1990’s. Their first ales became available early 2000. Their brewery received a complete makeover in 2009, which also allowed the brewing of lagers. The owner of Stadin Panimo, Timo Konttinen, is responsible for improving the brewing process and their recepies. In addition to him the brewery has two employees.

Stadin Panimo
Stadin Panimo

Their business idea stems around creating (design and brewing) brand beers for restaurants and corporations. Many of their clients are restaurants, including beer and fine dining. On the corporation side they have created unique bottlings for e.g. Futurice, Reaktor and Marimekko (use arrow keys to browse labels). They have brewed over 400 different beers, of which only few have had the exact same recipe.

Marimekko Beer by Stadin Panimo
Marimekko Beer by Stadin Panimo

This microbrewery is known for using various hops from around the world, and they use a very aroma rich method for hopping in order to extract the best possible flavours. They also use various malts, including rye and wheat. All beers from Stadin Panimo are additive-free, unpasteurised, unfiltered, and usually full malt product. Hopping and bottle brewing increase the shelf life of unpasteurised beer. They’ve won various recognitions from Helsinki Beer Festical and The Best Beer in Finland (2011). Their overall production in 2011 was 40 999 litres and it is the smallest in Finland not including restaurant breweries. The most popular product is the Stadin American Pale Ale, which has various aromatic hop versions. They also produce a dry apple cider. They do not have their own beer restaurant as of yet.

Stadin Panimo West Coast Session Pale Aale
Stadin Panimo West Coast Session Pale Aale

We’ve found their products most often pleasantly surprising and available from most supermarkets around Finland. This makes the microbrewery very visible to the common consumer in order to spread the word of craft beer around Finland. Their passion in constantly tweaking new recepies makes them always fresh in their selection.

Read more about Stadin Panimo at:


“The Weekly Finn” is a series of posts where we will present one Finnish beverage or organisation every week. The idea for the series was sparked by the new Finnish alcohol advertising legislation, which from 1.1.2015 on prohibits breweries and distilleries from using consumer created material, e.g. reviews and photography, in advertising and social media. We thought a helping hand would be in order, and thus we will bring different beverages and organisations to light in our blog.


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