The Weekly Finn #3: Kyrö Distillery Company

I had never heard of Kyrö Distillery Company before this article in the Finnish Wine Magazine (Viinilehti). This is hardly a surprising scenario, as small distilleries and breweries in Finland tend to be left in to the shadows of the bigger and more international producers. The spirit behind this company are a group of five guys from Finland, who say the following:

There isn’t a better start to conceive a Finnish rye whisky distillery than sauna. And that’s exactly what happened in may 2012: five guys started to wonder why there isn’t a rye whisky distillery and that there should be one. Year later the first test batch from 100% malted rye mash was distilled. .. We also believe that whisky is best when it’s made by a good company and enjoyed in a good company. Kyrö Distillery Company

Kyrö Distillery Company
Kyrö Distillery Company,  design by Werklig

The group of five established their distillery in an old, unused dairy, giving it a new breath of life. Their first rye whisky distilling started in early 2014, meaning that it will be a few years before any of us gets to sample their purest of creations. Indeed, the Kyrö Distillery Company, based in Isokyrö Finland, is destined to distil spirits and 100% rye whisky from pure Finnish ingredients. Some of their products are already available on Master of Malt, where you can buy their own Napue Gin (£31.89, 50cl, 46.3%) or unaged Juuri Rye Spirit (£36.41, 50cl, 46.3%). We look forward to seeing their finished, Finnish rye whisky on the international shelves in the years to come.

Napua gin & Juuri unaged rye spirit
Napue gin & Juuri unaged rye spirit

One of their biggest concerns, according to the wine magazine article, is the fact that small Finnish distilleries and breweries are losing visibility due to the marketing efforts of larger and more international brands and the limitations of the Finnish alcohol advertising laws. The Kyrö Distillery Company brand identity (designed by Werklig) is highly entwined with their location and its history, making it truly a Finnish entity, but the only way for them to market themselves in Finland is by silent focus on presentation and price. It is a struggle for them, an many others in Finland, to gain attention and share their message and work. Find out more about the Kyrö Distillery Company:

“The Weekly Finn” is a series of posts where we will present one Finnish beverage or organisation every week. The idea for the series was sparked by the new Finnish alcohol advertising legislation, which from 1.1.2015 on prohibits breweries and distilleries from using consumer created material, e.g. reviews and photography, in advertising and social media. We thought a helping hand would be in order, and thus we will bring different beverages and organisations to light in our blog.

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