The Weekly Finn #2: Beer Hunter’s “Old Buck” Single Malt Whisky

Time for another Finnish single malt whisky on our “Weekly Finn” series!

I have been a fan of Beer Hunter’s “Mufloni” beer for ages, but their single malt whisky is hard to come by just for the fact that there is barely any information on it out there. International customers have to rely on their Finnish friends to get them a bottle of “Old Buck” or invite them over to one of the restaurants that serve the whisky to taste one. You can find their signature restaurant in Pori, Finland:

The Beer Hunter’s restaurant is in Pori, where their products are offered together with a wide range of other selection of beer and spirits. They describe “Old Buck” as the first Finnish single malt whisky, but it has never gained as much attention as the Teerenpeli single malt, if the international exposure is anything to go with. Even most Finns are completely new to the existence of this single malt dram. We at WhiskyBeans hope that this small distillery and their single malt whisky will get a wider exposure to an international audience, sparking interest yet again in another Finnish distillery and brewery.

The whisky and also the bottle and design are all purely Porinian origin. The package was designed by Markku Penttilä of Jabadaduu advertising agency from Pori.

– The History of Old Buck

Their Old Buck single malt whiskies have been described as “medium-bodied, spicy, vanilla” and they have had a few releases over the years. The second release was even selected as the EUROPEAN MAINLAND WHISKY OF THE YEAR in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2009. The next time we are in Pori we will surely be sampling their selection.

Old Buck Whisky by Beer Hunter's
Old Buck Whisky by Beer Hunter’s

Read more about the Old Buck single malt and Beer Hunter’s from the following links:


“The Weekly Finn” is a series of posts where we will present one Finnish beverage or organisation every week. The idea for the series was sparked by the new Finnish alcohol advertising legislation, which from 1.1.2015 on prohibits breweries and distilleries from using consumer created material, e.g. reviews and photography, in advertising and social media. We thought a helping hand would be in order, and thus we will bring different beverages and organisations to light in our blog.

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