Silver Oak Coffee – More fresh beans from Cambridgeshire!

Silver Oak Coffee roast a great selection of coffee beans very well – I’ll start with that. The rest is about our personal experience about their different beans and Silver Oak Coffee as a whole.

Silver Oak Coffee
Silver Oak Coffee

We stumbled upon these roasters in a foodie event in Cambridge, which ended with us buying a new brewing pot and a bunch of interesting coffee beans for a good price. The lovely team behind the table talked to us about their coffees, which they roast on the edge of Cambridgeshire in Thorney, Peterborough.

At a glance their selection looks good and there seems to be a bit of something for every coffee lover. From the darker espresso roasts to some lighter African beans, they really work with a wide range of products. They have seasonal blends, which we have yet to sample, but in this post we will talk about the beans we bought some time ago.

It’s important for our readers to know that we rarely drink coffee with milk. This has become a habit over the years, due to dairy intolerance and just the fact that we prefer the taste of the actual coffee over steamed milk. This is why it’s very important that we prepare our coffee well with freshly roasted beans – To maximise what the beans have to offer in the purest of flavour.


Silver Oak Coffee seem to truly care about their beans:

“Together with our green bean suppliers we are sourcing some of the finest and most ethically grown coffee beans available to the market.”

I’m all in for that.

Silver Oak Coffee
Silver Oak Coffee – Packed in resealable air valve bags

Last time we bumped into Silver Oak Coffee at the Cambridge marketplace, and decided to go for the collection of four different whole beans:

  • Finca El Melo, Costa Rica
  • Santa Ines, Colombia
  • Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society, Kenya
  • Finca El Carmen Red Bourbon, El Salvador

Their packaging is simple – Name and small description of the beans inside with brief tasting notes and brewing suggestions. They also recommend a resting time of 3-7 days for freshly roasted beans. Social media details are included at the bottom. My favourite of this bunch was most likely the Red Bourbon, because I felt it fit well with various brewing methods from a to e – From aeropress to espresso.

My first impression with all their beans has always been high overall quality and a consistent roast quality. They taste good and look good. Too many times have I seen roasteries have issues with roast consistency, too high temperature or other quirks, but not Silver Oak. They know what they are doing are their beans certainly show it. We brewed their coffee through our home espresso machine, aeropress, softbrew and clever drip, and no one method was better than the other. Every method brought out different flavors from different beans, which is always a pleasant adventure!

So far Silver Oak Coffee has been one of the best fresh coffee beans in Cambridgeshire that we’ve had. With prices starting from around £5.25 for 250 grams it is affordable and worth the value, especially if you go for the multi pack for further discounts.


Next we want to see what the Cambridge Coffee Company has to offer – Another truly local Cambridgeshire coffee company. Until then – Keep brewing! And don’t forget the whisky.


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