Coffee on your door mat – Bean & Ground

“Not another coffee subscription service?” There seem to be so many subscription services that it’s difficult to pick which one is the best. But who wouldn’t want to try a coffee subscription to get the most out of different coffee varieties? We tried out what Bean & Ground had to offer.

Bean and Ground
Bean and Ground (B&G provided image)

Coffee services like Bean & Ground are more and more common. Why do you think that is? Maybe it’s a great business idea, or the fact that more people are interested in roasting and delivering a coffee experience, or both?

What I look for in a subscription

The main things for me in a coffee subscription service are:

  • The quality of the coffee
  • Where the coffee is from (sustainability, fair sourcing and so on)
  • The overall experience of the service (from subscribing to delivery)
  • Price, feedback and “wow” factor
What's brewing? (B&G image)
What’s brewing? (B&G provided image)

What Bean & Ground offer

Based in the UK, the Bean & Ground web service is great. Simple, keeping it to the point with accurate information. Just what you need to know, plus contact information for detailed inquiries.

What they don’t have, and what I felt was missing from the site, is current beans and roast profiles. Having something to show to your possible customers-to-be can encourage them to subscribe. I also felt that I couldn’t satisfy my curiosity on their coffee farmers and origins. They also don’t provide brewing ideas or suggestions on their site nor in the delivered subscription package.

They price themselves at £7.95 for 2x 125g beans – You can choose either whole beans or ground and the two bags are of different sources. After we were presented with the opportunity to try out the service we waited for a day or two for our parcel to arrive. As it jumped in through the mail flap we could barely contain ourselves to see what the two 125 gram bags had to say.

A few word about their online ordering and account management system: It is clean and simple, but has no option for pausing your delivery. Maybe something to add in the future?

Bean & Ground account dashboard
Bean & Ground account dashboard

What their beans are like

For an example, the Mexican coffee (above) was like rainbows shooting from the cup – Exquisite flavors were extracted in the Aeropress from these beans. Their other delivered coffees never failed (we ordered a few more to compare), as all of them were roasted to deliver the best flavor from each bean. Roast quality was always consistent and that gives you some very pleased subscribers.

Some other bean origins were Costa Rica (Fancy Azalea), Nicaragua (Santa Rita Estate), Honduras (Sierra de Agalta), and more Mexican (Atoyac Natural Organics). All the bags had a small summary of the beans, but no brewing suggestions. B&G also encourage you to tweet your coffee experience (like we did above) for a chance to win a free delivery. Not bad.


Overall, Bean & Ground is a great coffee club / subscription / fresh bean delivery service. Packed in a flat cardboard parcel your beans fit through your common letterbox. Simple, easy, clean execution. We hope they would bring out more brewing suggestions and notes for their beans in the future for sharing their coffee knowledge. If you are an adventurous coffee fan, this subscription will undoubtedly bring you something good and new every time.

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