Phil Ter filter blend (MK 3) by Has Bean Coffee

This filter blend has been a pleasant surprise in the aeropress. The bag promises you with sweetness and smoothness, and in the cup I discovered sweet dark chocolate flavors that blend together pleasantly. Albeit the slight acidity in the cup the overall experience is what it promises – Sweet filter blend.

Phil Ter Blend MK3
Phil Ter Blend MK3

I have had varied experiences with Has Bean before, from true let-downs to marvelous espressos. Not all blends, origins and brews fit everyone, so I was interested on trying the Phil Ter MK3 filter blend. I didn’t expect much, but the blend does deliver what it says on the bag. At £4,50 per 250g beans it comes with good value for what you get.

Inverted aeropress (30s initial bloom and ~1,5 minute brew before 15s plunge) gave out dark chocolate aroma with sweet flavor and fairly milky mouthfeel. This makes to a pleasant afternoon brew or a punchy morning press if you brew it for a bit longer.

Phil Ter blend list
“Phil Ter” blend bean list

The only downside of this experience was that the coffee bag was delivered with one end of the bag completely unsealed, letting some of the beans leak out of the bag to the parcel. A quick note to the Has Bean sales team to let them know about their little “blip”, and they got back to me with an apology and an offer to redeem my order. There’s nothing like good service – Kudos to the team.

As a brief summary:

  • Is the coffee mind-boggling? No.
  • Is it a sweet filter blend? Yes.
  • Is it a great everyday coffee? Definitely.

Thanks for reading this review – We hope to get back soon with more coffee and whisky reviews. Until next time!

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