“My favourite whisky is..”

.. Difficult to define, right? My tastes in whisky lean more towards the smooth, fruitier experiences while Simon has his eyes on the “heavyweight” side with peat and smoke.

The 'legs' of the whisky by tienvijftien (Flickr)
The ‘legs’ of the whisky by tienvijftien (Flickr)

Here are some of my favourite whisky characteristics:

  • A multilevel experience – You get something different from the first glance to the last lick. I don’t just want to be punched in the face by smoke, but something different throughout.
  • Gentle, but characteristic – Whisky can be smooth and pack a bunch of amazing flavor. I think fondly of the Glenmorangie Nectar D’or because of this, as the gentle dram reveals more on every sip.
  • Outside the box – Smoky, peaty whiskies might be what many whisky fans adore. I’m slightly different, and prefer fruity, nutty, honey influenced whiskies. I can have a peat bomb or two, but I will ultimately lean towards the field of flowers.

Some whiskies to tick all the points above for me have been Dalmore Castle Leod and Glenmorangie Nectar D’or.  They are both very different, but provide a great overall experience that you want to come back to.

What are your favourite whisky characteristics?


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