Kofra – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Filter)

Another Yirgacheffe hit our post last week (Thanks to @ArmandoPlatosKofra), and after purchasing a new clever dripper we were more than happy to help ourselves!

Yirg from Kofra
Our clever dripper and the nicely detailed packaging & stickers for the coffee from Kofra

This particular roast was more towards a mid-dark roasts compared to our previous encounters with the usually very fruity Ethiopian bean.

Because of our experiments with the new clever dripper the taste notes may vary from what the original roaster had in mind. We have yet to try these beans on an aeropress, but are planning on doing that in the following week. The clever dripper produced a very clear cup compared to the aeropress (with S filter) that we usually use.

Interesting packaging and nice stickers from Kofra
Packaging and stickers from Kofra (“That’s a strong, grainy espresso you have”)

Brew times and amounts used on Clever dripper:

  • 2 minutes 20 seconds, 20g coffee 88°C: Clear, delicate cup, maybe a bit too delicate because of the amount of coffee used. In the cup you can taste a hint of fruit, mixed spice with cinnamon and almond.
  • 3 minutes, 26g coffee, 88°C: Slightly stronger cup, but not much different to the first cup. Mixed spice noticeably present in the aftertaste.
  • 3 minutes, 30g coffee, 80°C: The lower brew temperature brings out far more of the fruity nature of the coffee than the higher temperatures above.

Simon’s comments: You can taste the usual Yirgacheffe in the background, but the clever dripper feels a bit watery compared to what we usually get from the aeropress. This Yirgacheffe doesn’t wield as strong of a flavor that the ones we’re used to on aeropress, but the brew methods used are also different. In my opinion, the clever dripper is a more gentle style and gives a great delicacy to the cup. If you prefer a stronger cup you might want to change your brew style. In the cup you get cinnamon to the nose, mixed spice in the aftertaste definitely with some cinnamon and coriander. I recommend using a lower brew temperature, around 80°C, to enhance the Yirgacheffe flavours and avoid the bitterness of the roast that can come through at higher temperatures.

A great first touch and an interesting view to the world of coffee from Kofra. Can’t wait to see what they have coming in the future and sample them with different brewing methods. Until then – Thanks!

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