Visiting Microroastery in Canterbury

Having found a job near Canterbury I was in a desperate need to find some good, local coffee in town. I ended up in the Microroastery, where I found:

  • Freshly roasted beans and great tasting coffee,
  • a new brewing method (the “espro press”),
  • had a great chat with the owner and
  • an interesting aeropress sample on top.

I’d say my mission was a great success.

Espro press at Microroastery
Espro press at Microroastery (and a clear aeropress!)

Walking around Canterbury town on a fine February Tuesday I happened to notice a chalkboard on the road advertising “fresh coffee” and “roasted beans” and whatnot. It sparked my curiosity, as I was in desperate need to find a good place for beans and coffee. I had previously visited Brown’s in Canterbury, but they don’t roast their own. Silently, I hoped, “not another Italian roast café..”.

As I walked into Microroastery, I was greeted by a collection of roasted beans to my right and a La Marzocco machine on the left. Promising. I waited for the girls before me to leave and slowly started to chat up with the owner. He quickly suggested me this new brewing press called the “espro press”, and how could I say no?

The "Espro press" inside Microroastery
The “Espro press” inside Microroastery

He made me their house blend (usually for espresso) and I sat down on a table near the little coffee roasting machine. The espro press (I battle with the spelling) delivered some very interesting coffee – full bodied, strong and full of flavor. I guess I need to get one for myself as well!

We chatted up about ourselves, his roastery and their business. The shop had been in the location for about six months and was slowly building up. I was happy to contribute to a growing local cafe and roastery! The overall feel of the cafe, microroastery and atmosphere was relaxed. I was the only one in for a while, and we could chat up about my history, aeropress brewing, whisky and other things.

Inside Microroastery
Inside Microroastery

Coffee was present everywhere inside. In the design, coffee bags, coffee grinding, coffee roasting, stored coffee, sampling.. It felt like a different world compared to the Canterbury town outside – A secret coffee hideout for enjoying those great cups of coffee, listening to interesting stories and sharing thoughts with one another.

The shop has more seating available upstairs, but I stayed on the ground floor to follow the ongoing roasting process. As everything happens in front of your own eyes you really feel connected to your coffee and appreciate the craftsmanship involved in delivering that cup or esprorspo.. erspo.. espro press pot of coffee.

My late work hours have blocked me from going back in the morning or after work, as the shop is open 8.00 to 4.00 on Monday & Tuesaday and 8.00 to 6.00 on Wednesday to Friday, but I plan to stay in Canterbury over a weekend and go back to have another great chat and enjoy more coffee! I promise I’ll be back soon!

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