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Whisky quotes – Mark Twain

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” ― Mark Twain

You know the feeling when you’ve had one beer too much, the third glass of wine starts to get stuck in your throat or you should not have ordered that mojito? Even a tall glass of water can feel too much on a dull day.

I never get that feeling with good whisky. Try one, have a smile, gaze up and enjoy the second with a good laugh, see a third and ask for recommendations – But never start with the smokiest. If I start with a smoke bomb, that’s all I can smell for the rest of the evening. Or maybe I’m just sensitive like that, but I feel like the smoke covers you from head to toe and that’s why I prefer it last.

Your mind disappears into a smoke screen, and then it’s time to sleep.

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