Coffee adventures in Nottingham, visiting The Bean

Due to a surprise quest to Nottingham I decided to scout and find a good place for a cup of proper coffee. A quick online search soon returned only one option in Nottingham – The Bean in Beeston. Beeston is accessible by a direct local bus from Nottingham centre, so why not? I took my friend and went on a local coffee adventure!

Soy latte, double espresso & La Marzocco

The Bean (WebTwitter) is located in central Beeston, near a local shopping street. The little street reminded me of my home back in Finland, which brought up some fond, if not even nostalgic memories. Their website explains in detail how they brew their espresso, a good sign and an interesting read.

The cafe itself was immediately to my liking – the dominating red and black interior design felt very comfortable and familiar to me (I have a thing for black and red). You were immediately presented with a selection of foods and cakes that made your mouth water. Simple and promising, I thought, but what about the coffee?

I ordered a double espresso, a soy latte and a normal latte for my friend. “You’re having three drinks”, the lady confirmed. “Yes, yes I am.” We also bought us a light lunch, including a chicken sandwich and a piece of chocolate fudge cake. Prices were good, 30p extra for the soy. Couldn’t see what beans they used for the brew. The staff were friendly, but my customer service oriented friend would’ve preferred even better interaction. But she’s a bit special, in a good way.

The Bean, chocolate fudge cake, coffee and beans
The Bean, chocolate fudge cake, coffee and beans

Their double espresso was handled with care and freshly ground coffee. They delivered balanced flavours, some sweetness, but not a religious experience. Very good nonetheless, definitely something I would expect from an individual, quality coffee shop. I was happy with the soy latte as it was enjoyable (the best soy latte I’ve had was Joe’s at Grand Central, NY). My friend enjoyed her normal latte as well, commenting “it wasn’t mind blowing but still way better than the chain coffees”.

Our time in the shop was a pleasant one, as we pondered some topical issues in HR and leadership ethics, modern business ideas and management. A Finnish duo, information systems science grad and an IB student, blabbing on in a little cafe in Beeston. We were comfortable and we let it show. I decided to buy their beans as well (£5.90 for 250g), will come back with a review on those later.

We devoured our lunch, and thoroughly enjoyed the toasted sandwich and the cake – They had good flavour and the cake was not too sweet. The only thing missing was a bit of sunshine, but we could live with that.

The busy coffee shop in the corner was a truly pleasant experience, and I would recommend it to anyone hungry for decent coffee in Nottingham. In the sun or in the rain, a comfortable place to talk and enjoy a cup of good coffee is welcome. This is what local coffee shops are all about – Good coffee in a friendly atmosphere. 

“How do you feel when you wake up in the morning and you look outside your window and it’s raining again?”

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