Brasil Bahia by Make Decent Coffee

So this happened to me a while back:

I actually won something from a free giveaway, wow! And coffee at that. It was my lucky day on that October morning. Make Decent Coffee wants to battle instant coffee and offer UK caffeine addicts means to enjoy proper coffee in their cups, and I support that!

Make Decent Coffee delivery
Make Decent Coffee delivery

I got to choose from the Make Decent Coffee online selection for a coffee, for free! From the large collection (Lyons, Coffee 360 and The Grand Cru Range) I narrowed my selection down to one coffee.

You might understand why I picked this coffee as you read the notes by Make Decent Coffee:

Honey aroma with a mild chocolate note. It’s no surprise that Bahia is quickly becoming one of Brasil’s most sort after sources of coffee.

I’m a sucker for sweetness and chocolate flavours, so the pick was clear. And it came with a tag “Coffee Hero” – who would turn that down? These beans were priced at 250g for £6.49 + shipping, and I was keen to find out what this Brasil coffee was like and how it would behave in my aeropress. And I got to try them for free, joy!

Brasil Bahia and chocolates
Brasil Bahia and chocolates

The first thing I noticed when I got the coffee was that the bag wasn’t resealable. This is a minor negative point for me, as I am a tad lazy at relocating my beans into an air-tight container (yes, shame on me). The package design, however, was lovely. On the back you could find more details about the offered coffee tags (“all rounder”, “side kick” or “coffee hero”) with subtle white ink. It went so well with the unbleached paper that my inner designer squealed just a little. I also received some mint chocolate, which worked well in the waiting for the aeropress action!

When grinding the beans I noticed that the roast was maybe a bit darker than what I would usually prefer. The beans had a darker outlook and bore a fragrance that I usually associate with the sort of dark roast that I don’t like. Not oily pitch black icky dark like some supermarket roasts, but still dark-ish. But you can’t know before you taste it, and soon after grinding I was all over my aeropress, trying to squeeze out those honey and chocolate aromas.

Aeropressed Brasil Bahia
Aeropressed Brasil Bahia

When you get down to business, you get the whiff of sweet aroma from the beans already while grinding, which is always promising. Working the aeropress with the beans produced a promising foam, with some of that honey aroma still lingering in the air. The best part was the pressing, as I was constantly treated with an overwhelming chocolate aroma during the process. I couldn’t get my nose off the aeropress, which made the pressing a bit complicated.. And no, there are no photos of this.

Eventually the cup I found delightfully flavorsome and the coffee did deliver those sweet aromas of honey and chocolate, even when the roast was maybe a tad dark for my taste, but it kept getting better and better each and every press. All the cups had a smooth, delicate mouthfeel, and the beans didn’t last longer than a few days in my kitchen.

This was an interesting first touch to the Make Decent Coffee selection, and I’m keen on sampling their selection further in the upcoming year. Find out more about Make Decent Coffee and their selection or follow them on Twitter.

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