Burundi Mugomera Ngozi by SBCC

Burundi Mugomera Ngozi (250g for £5.45 or 6,5€) by Small Batch Coffee Company is a delicate yet spunky coffee.

Burundi Mugomera Ngozi by SBCC

Small Batch Coffee Company description:

  • Region:  Ngozi
  • Varietal: Bourbon and Jackson
  • Altitude: 1694 metres
  • Processing: Fully Washed and Dried on African Beds
  • Roasters Notes: Rich, winey body with complex lime and tropical fruit flavours.

H’s notes (inverted Aeropress):

spoon and burundi
Spooned Burundi coffee right after brewing
  • Gentle, sweet smell. Hints of acidity (lime-y wime-y) amongst the subtle fruity aromas.
  • Taste starts out gently, developing to a bit of a fruity and acidic combination of flavor. Soft feel on the tongue and in the mouth, but not as gentle as some Ethiopians for me.
  • Great jumpy start to a morning – this is a gentle coffee with a little twist in the end. I personally still favour SBCC’s Ethiopian coffees.
burundi beans
Burundi beans waiting for their turn

The coffee was still surprisingly foamy in my Aeropress, even when
the beans have aged a bit since I brought them to Finland from the UK. The quality of SBCC’s beans are very high, which is one of the reasons I prefer bringing their beans back to Finland rather than buying expensive (and old ones) locally. Great value for ~6,5€/250g of fresh goodness.

The sealed bag (top picture) has done its job well by keeping the beans fairly fresh – every time I open the bag I am greeted with a fresh, fruity aroma of roasted beans.

What would be a greater way to start a day than that whiff of coffee?

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