Auchentoshan Springwood – Whisky review

Auchentoshan Springwood bottle, box and the Glencairn glass.
The Auchentoshan Springwood bottle and box.

The first Auchentoshan I tried was the Three Wood and it was to my liking, even with a bit stronger first touch than I’d normally prefer. Therefore I was eager to try the Springwood I received as a present at the end of 2012.

The official Auchentoshan Springwood website describes the whisky as such:

Matured in fine North American Bourbon oak casks, Springwood is a nutty, citrusy and endlessly subtle single malt whisky.

Sounds lovely, especially when the 40% ABV retail exclusive whisky costs only £34.99 for a one liter bottle in World of Whiskies – some say there have been special offers on it, too. Sounds like a bargain for a good quality single malt.

Here are the Auchentoshan tasting notes:

  • To The Eye: Pale barley sugar.
  • To The Nose: Citrus and vanilla.
  • To The Tongue: Lively and warming, with a zesty twist of pink grapefruit.
  • To The End: Crisp, clean and mouth-watering.

Sounds good. Let’s get to it, then.

Helinä’s tasting notes:

  • First look: Pale but inviting, like young citrus when tossed in the glass.
  • Aroma: Light, growing slowly, sharp citrus, gentle sweetness lingering when you wait for it.
  • First taste: Smooth and gentle on the tongue, starts to develop a growing sensation shortly afterwards with hints of sweetness and the grapefruit mentioned in the official tasting notes.
  • Feeling afterwards: Starts fading quickly, but lingers in the back of your mouth bringing forward the taste of sweetness, a soft sensation, maybe some vanilla – fades away and your mouth waits for the next sip. Clear and sharp, doesn’t “stick” in the back of your mouth like some stronger whiskies do.

My kind of whisky, so to speak. The slight hints of sweetness that hit after the first sip opened to me and had me immediately like this whisky. As I was a good girl last year, Santa brought me this whisky for holiday celebrations. Tasting it after the holiday season made it even better, as I can concentrate on the whisky alone. The gentle and at the same time slightly sharp taste is not surprising, but soothing and delicate. Not the most delicate I’ve had, but a good one with that little character hiding there. Definitely agree with the statement “endlessly subtle single malt whisky” by the distillery.

Not super exciting, but one of those you can come back to like an old friend. Definitely recommended – a great gentle single malt. I am interested in the Heartwood as well, trying to remember it the next time I pass through Heathrow or Stansted airport.

An awkward attempt of looking at the whisky and spinning it with one hand, while recording with the camera in the other. Cheers!

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